Like a snake too big for its skin, David Franz has emerged from a combination of scorching life events, social transformation and personal epiphany. After years of unlocking the creative genius of other artists as a co-writer, producer and head of a record label, David has evolved and developed his own artist persona, and stepped into the front of the stage.
Having a voracious appetite for many different genres of music, Franz founded not one but two record labels. Underground Sun covers a wide-ranging catalog of genres but all have a foundation in soul music. R&B, rock, hip-hop, blues, folk, world, electronic and jazz all find a home on Underground Sun. Underground Sol, co-founded with DJ/producer/entrepreneur Justin Paul, is devoted solely to electronic music and the myriad genres within that broad label.
Soul and blues have always been at the core of his timeless yet modern productions, and for his own sound he drifts with the spirit of the desert in its dry air, conjuring energies from both outlaws and shamans. Filled with raw honesty and self-exploration, his debut offering can't come at a better time for a world struggling with personal and social transformation.
Full of self-examination, self-help, and self-harm, David’s debut album “To The Unknown” puts us all to task to question our own self-talk, bias, and self-determination. It’s a testament that personal growth is necessary for the greater good, and that growth is not at all easy. A confessional at its root, the album is a tale of cactus and catharsis, mirrors and mirages, and the power we all have to change our inner narrative, face our fear, and get out of our own way. By exposing his crooked journey to the light of day, David gives the rest of us permission to do the same. To set free truths locked deep inside. To find ourselves through the process of getting lost.


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David Franz in Joshua Tree